Final Answer

Chapter 5 – Final Answer?


So we’ve discussed boat design and material science and the major questions people have.


Hopefully our honest, science based, reality based assessments of the material and the design resonate with you.  You’re intrigued.  Possibly skeptical.  We’ve all been literally bombarded by sales talk TOUGHEST!!!  BEST!!!  INCREDIBLE!! Blah, blah, blah…


What we’ve done is taken the preeminent boatbuilding material on the market today (marine-grade aluminum alloy) and combined it with the best hull form for offshore usage (deep-vee, monohull) and executed it to give you the best boat on the market for heavy-duty, offshore usage.


Our solemn promise to you:


We’ll build you a great riding boat that will require very little maintenance.  For as long as you own the boat we will guarantee every piece and plate of aluminum and their associated welds.  For three years we will warranty the boat from stem to stern.  We’ll treat you as we would like to be treated.  Period. 


If you are interested or intrigued please call 978-609-0525 or email [email protected].