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Thank you for taking the time to visit our home on the web.  We appreciate it.

I always find that it is important and helpful to put a company’s unique selling proposition first and foremost on a brochure or website.  Don’t dither and brag and obfuscate – just tell the visitor what you’re selling and why. So…

Rock Salt Alloy Boats is in business to design, build and sell one boat concept in two separate ways:

1)     The true deepest of deep-vee hull forms (24 degrees at the transom) for government/commercial/military mariners already using aluminum alloy hulls but frustrated with the slow, pounding, light, modified-vee alloy hulls available today.

2)     The toughness and low-maintenance of marine-grade aluminum alloy to recreational mariners already committed to the deep-vee hull form but frustrated with fiberglass boats inability to handle severe usage.

Make sense?

For a complete description on these ideas please visit our website section entitled “The Book”.  There you will find an in-depth discussion of both this hull form (deep-vee) and marine-grade aluminum alloy as a boatbuilding material.

For a further description of our execution of the above two ideas please visit the section called “The Boats”.  There you will find a complete description of how, what and why we offer deep-vee, all-welded aluminum alloy boats.  You’ll also find how you can get an estimate or quote on a boat for your agency or your personal use.


Jay Perrotta


Rock Salt Alloy Boats